The Happiness Podcast

The Happiness Podcast is from Dr. Robert Puff who is a happiness expert, author, international speaker, clinical psychologist and TV Show host. You can find his show at Here are our thoughts:


Dave on content
happiness_podcastThe energy level could be up a bit the music is a bit too relaxing. If you look at his iTunes reviews this is what people love about it. For me (opinion) I like a little more energy.
This was an interesting podcast as he talks about the gift of death, which seems weird, but it gets you thinking.
Think of tomorrow stops us from taking advantage of today.
I found them usic slightly distracting as it kept getting turned up when he paused. I would have it all one volume.

Erik on Content
I like the focus on the single topic
The music wasn’t distracting and fit the essence of the show
There was no real introduction or show set up.
The call to action was “if you want to learn more”, visit the website. He might want to answer the question, “What’s in it for me? What would I want to learn more about and why?”
Website :Dave
Your side bars are a little out of control – very long front page. This is especially true when you look at a single post.
When you go to a single epsiode there are no show notes, and the sidebars then look like a mistake
You need a media host. I prefer and blubrrycom (use the coupon sopfree to get a free month at either service).
Your ID3 tags are in need of help (your album is listed at Robert’s album)
Get the word happiness and the number to the end of your show title.
Look into getting a single page where people can buy you books (look into building an astore).

Erik on the  website
The books on the sidebar go on and on. Might just link to the bookstore page.
Show notes are minimal and lead with tags. Give me a reason to listen.
Happiness Podcast is listed on iTunes at #11 when I search for “happiness podcast”
Looks like popularity was solid in 2011 & 2012. After break, 2014 is fighting to get noticed. Get consistent.
Only 3 comments in 2014 on iTunes. What are you doing to get people involved?


A podcast to get you thinking delivered in a soothing fashion with one topic. Dr. Puff has tones of credibility and might want to spotlight that more in his show (explain who his is to new listeners). He needs to get on a media host for his files. His podcast is connecting with his listeners on iTunes and if he can keep it consistent it will rise the charts again and without a media host you will eventually run into a problem.

Check out the show at

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The Real Wealth Show

Kathy Fettke produces the Real Wealth Show to help people looking to invest in real estate by sharing tips and interviewing experts. Today Dave and Erik take a look at her show.

Dave on Content

real wealth showGood intro – quick and good intro/tease
Good job interrupting the guest to explain
100+ words in show notes
Nice call to action that is inline with your goals

Erik  on Content

Good, focused questions – You know your listener
Nice job interrupting the guest for clarification
Good examples of the numbers
Nice job with international elements

You know a lot … lead the guest
Guest audio was a little louder than host
How do you get more people in the tribe? Explain

Call to action not bad … only 2

Dave  and Erik on Website and Technology

Nice website. I’ve heard great things about the Avada theme
Nice clean look to it. Easy navigation to contact you.
Potentially explain the different between the network and the academy.
Need a real hosting company ( or  – get a free month using the code sopfree)
Feedburner – not my favorite choice, but the link to iTunes is pointing toward feedburner.
Only ten episodes in feed. General Reading settings and adjust that to 25 or 50 so people can consume your back catalog.
Check into Levelator or Auphonic to level audio

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