How to Review Yourself

Today we have no guest, so we talk about how you can review your own show:

1. Listen where your audience listens

2. Listen for half ideas (tangents)

3. What is the goal of your podcast? Make sure you have one before pressing record.

4. Listen for obvious mistakes. Pause for 10 seconds if you make a mistake so it makes it easy to edit out later

5. Pull out the oh wow moments

6. Delete any questions where your guest (interview) answered “No” and there was value

7. Pull out powerful words

8. Make sure you have detailed information in the show notes to drive traffic to your site.

9. Put some time between the time you record and the time you review your podcast to get a fresh perspective.

10. Subscribe to your show in iTunes, etc to make sure everything is working.

11. Find the surprise and delight moments

12.  Provide ONE call to action

13. Discover what was memorable in the episode (and do more of those)

14. Check your audio volume to make sure its consistent.

15. How did you include the audience in the show.



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