The Gospel Light and Truth Hour (repost)

The Gospel Light and Truth Hour is the weekly podcast of the Gospel Light and Truth Crusade, and is hosted by “The Still Man,” Christian evangelist, writer, and GLTC founder, Anthony Keeton. By providing good, sound, Bible doctrine and good, sound, Bible teaching, The Gospel Light and Truth Hour helps you to make good, sound, biblical decisions for yourself and your family. You can check it out at and itunes

The Content

cover170x170The Good Stuff

The personal story with insights, and you were confident enough to potentially look stupid.

Nice real life examples backing up philosophies

Good scripture references, and well thought out.

You are not shy about sharing your opinions. People will either love you, or hate you.

Could Use the Tweaking

It took you 22 minutes to get to the bible. Some people looking for a bible study, may not wait that long.

You have a lot of points here, and they could use some focus. Come up with a main topic, and make sure all the sub points help explain the original topic. If you had to sum up this episode in one sentence, what would it be? It started off that bipolar is the same as schizo. Then Demons cause insanity. Then Generational curses. Then on to Alcolohics

The Gospel Light and Truth our clocked in at over way over an hour.

The website has a lot of menus. Maybe think about what people really want and tighten those up. For example have a menu labeled “contact” that expands into “prayer requests,” Email” etc.

Lots of titles – “These Lost Days” “The Still Man” “The Gospel Light & Truth Hour”

No itunes buttons, stitcher, etc on your website.

While m4a is not a huge deal, most people use mp3.

Inconsistent publishing.

This video may not be available in all contries

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