Say the Damn Score

Today we have Logan Anderson from the Say the Damn Score Podcast. His description is, “Say the Damn Score: An unprofessional podcast on professional sportscasting.” you can find it at

Here is what we liked About the Show

The intro helped shape the atmosphere and branding of the show (a fun, edgy podcast)

You got to the guest in less than 1 minute.

The volume levels were good.

The website has a clean and easy to navigate.

The interview was great

Logan did a TON of homework for his interview and it showed

He asked great questions, and because he paid attention to his guest, great follow-up questions.

What Might Need Some Tweaking

His link to iTunes on his website started with “itpc://” which works, but you don’t get credit for the subscribers (add your iTunes link in PowerPress under the destinations tab).

Erik enjoyed the somewhat sarcastic opening but thought that spirit got a little lost and would advise “putting a little more smile” into his voice at times.

At the beginning of the show, you might consider explaining what the show is, “Welcome to the Say the Damn Score show where we _____ for (typical audience). ¬†The average user can figure out it’s a sports show but we should identify if we are talking about teams, leagues, etc.

Instead of having multiple calls to action (iTunes, email, etc) put those items on a single page so you can give one call to action.

Make the about page a little more outward focuses on what the show is about, how you’re going to benefit, and who it’s for.

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Fish Nerds

The Fish Nerds podcast has a tagline, “Best fishing podcast that is always interesting, usually funny & mostly true.” This week Clay comes on to has us put the Fish Nerds Show under the microscope.

Here is What We Liked

Great branding. Everything seems well coordinated between the website and the podcast. You instantly know that you take fishing seriously, but not so much yourself (and this show is going to be fun).

Hugo’s cooking segments were “Super Real” and we loved the quality from a field reporter. The “Take one for the team” mention of mercury in the fish was humorous.

Clay does a great job of sending people to his Facebook Group to keep the conversation going.

Loved that his guest was someone he didn’t agree with and brought him on to have a dialogue.

You got to the content quickly.

Some Thing That Need Polishing

A couple of dead links on the website

If Hugo could paint a picture a bit more with his words

Clay refers to “We” when it’s really only him.

He has to be careful to not make sponsors sound like “the bad guys.”

You might want to change the word “Blog” to podcast (or make two categories and have both)

You might consider getting some swag made at Tee Spring as you have great quotes from your show that could make great swag

There were a couple of Facebook pings during the recording. At times the volume was a little unbalanced (check out

Don’t forget about the new people (or people outside the US) to explain the details.

Check out the Fish Nerds

Website is

Check out them out on iTunes and Sticher

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