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Travel vacation destinations come to life in your ears through the Amidlife Travler podcast. Discover countries, culture, history, tours, sightseeing advice and travel tips through the voices, humor and opinions of locals who live there or travelers who have been there… like hearing about Scotland from a Scotsman and Ireland from the Irish. Indulge your travel curiosities and find ideas for your next vacation. Helpful information for world travelers and those who want to travel. Season 1 explores Scotland through the voice, opinions and stories of a Scotsman named James. Topics include Scottish Culture, History, Whiskey, the Kilt, Brexit, Vikings, Highland Games and other fun stories..


What we loved about the show:

Laura has a great voice and you can hear her passion. I did like that you were talking to me. You seemed relaxed. You were talking to one person. It was Nonscripted and loose.

Your website is a phenomenal resource.

It’s great that you are interviewing the local people and getting that information you can’t get anyplace else.

What Can Be Tweaked

The laundry list of people that we’ll hear from at the beginning was hard to follow.

Figure out what you want your audience to take away from the episode and move that to the front.

You had said, “Famous for their moonlight kayak – sunset, near the woods, luminescence in the water, starlight serenade, violin and Irish songs.” Those are the details we were wanted. There is a tremendous opportunity to create a theater of the mind, and when someone did start to explain the lights on the water they were interrupted.

You brought friends on to help explain their experience, and they said:

  • Amazing
  • Awesome
  • Cool Experience
  • Fun and Super Cool
  • amazing and beautiful
  • Awesome, I love it
  • Great Day
  • Fantastic
  • Great fun

but you never dug in deeper as to why it was cool or great, etc.

You seemed to be explaining how qualified the guides were to the point where I started to wonder if you were getting paid. You had already stated that you would be going back, so for me, that is enough to know the guides were good. I’d rather hear more about the experience than the guide.

You have a GREAT website, and we would get people excited about the destination, and then direct them to the website.

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In today’s episode, you don’t hear the extra questions and a private lesson on Hindenburg Journalist that Laura received.

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Agless Hockey

Ageless Hockey has a description of ” This is a podcast for hockey players over 50 years old.” The website is

Things We Liked in This Episode

Ageless HockeyThere was some wise advice about not coming back from an injury early and how to NOT get your gear stolen

He did a great job talking to a single person. There was no group speak.

Shared some vulnerability which builds intimacy with his audience.

The audio sounded fine

The website is simple and easy to navigate.

Great “Start Here” option on the website

Great tease to get people to your website.

Things He Might Want to Teak

The transitions were very rough. You might want to see if the stories you are covering and be lined up in a way that makes it easier to transition from one to the other. Use your voice to signal you’re changing topics. If nothing else, pause for a half a second.

The “something about me” section at the end didn’t really tie into anything.

Erik would like to see you “turn up” the grumpy old man character a bit more.

Be sure to turn the focus around and ask your self, “Whats in it for the listener?”

Your call to action needs to be refined down to ONE.

Ageless Hockey

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