The Rogue Ones

Today we are joined by Leslie Eiler Thompson who is the host of The Rogue Ones podcast.


Conversations with extraordinary individuals on their own unique “rogue” journeys. We explore the experiences and opportunities afforded these rogues as they share successes and failures they’ve encountered along the way. We then, in turn, learn ways to adopt this rogue attitude for ourselves. These are the rogue ones, and these are their stories.

What Is Working

One of the best intros ever. Leslie is awesome at talking to one person and sounding sincerely friendly. You can hear your smile

I love the definition of what makes something rogue, and what the show is about, “We explore extraordinary people doing fascinating things. And we learn from them so we may adopt the same attitudes to develop a rogue lifestyle.”

You did a great job of incorporating the listening into the conversation as if they were sitting at the table with you.

Great website, great about page, and nice use of the logo/glasses

Nice tease at the end of the show for future episodes

What Needs Some Work

There were sometimes when you had some great opportunities for stories, and you didn’t follow up with a question (Billy Joel, “I learned a lot of lessons…”). “I spent a lot of time asking for forgiveness rather than asking for permission.” Give me an example. “Tell me about the time you really pushed the limit or broke the rules to get a result.”

With such great content, I would’ve left off the travel down memory lane about a pseudonym.

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Route 66 Podcast

The description of the Route 66 Podcast is “talks with people living and working along the Mother Road.” You can find it at

The episode we reviewed is

What We Thought Was Done Well

  • The opening with Dennis’ voice was unique. The phone quality added to the nostalgia of the episode.
  • Nice rustic opening music
  • Nice plug of the earlier episode
  • You do a good job of asking the questions and letting the guest talk
  • Nice tease with the trivia answer to keep people listening

What We Might Tweak

  • Dave thought taking 11 minutes to get to the interview was a bit too long, but Erik thought it was OK but would change the “Now let’s start the show” to something different as you had been doing the show for 11 minutes.
  • There are times when you read that you need to add a bit of voice inflection and make some effort (either via pauses, or music) to make smoother transitions.
  • Your website has not title tag which is a vital ingredient to SEO and being found
  • Three calls to action at the end of the show. try to narrow that down to one.
  • The yellow highlighter color is a bit much to look at for long periods.
  • As your audience may be older, you might want to add a page with instructions on how to subscribe to the show
  • You have a great resource page, but didn’t mention it much on the podcast.  You can drive traffic by saying, “we have a video of this at the website”

Video Review of the Route 66 Podcast Page

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