Description: You can get horror reviews anywhere but 2GuysTalking Horror gives you detailed, fan fact-filled reviews, along with the most important element that makes us love horror – WHY. Educate yourself with the dialog from host Nicholas J. Hearne and a growing number of guests hosts that help you understand all that is the horror genre in entertainment.

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What They Are Doing Great

  • Nice “table of contents” letting us know what was coming
  • Lots of great trivia
  • Great graphics for each episode
  • Great passion that comes through the show
  • Great descriptions of the actors
  • Great show notes
  • Great Production
  • Not afraid to share your honest opinion

What Might Be Done Better

  • Dave thinks the housekeeping needs moved to the end of the show (or at least not at the beginning (nobody cares about how the sausage was made)
  • Three minutes of commercials seems a bit much (break them up throughout the show)
  • The easter egg at the end was “meh” and the amount of silence was too long.
  • The subscribe buttons are lost in a sea of text on your show notes
  • Is it worth cussing in your show?
  • Use your names more often so we can keep track of who is who

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What Cops Watch

The Stuff We Liked

  • Great inside look at being a cop
  • Great stories – would have loved even more
  • Great introductions
  • Good quick transitions
  • Great music
  • Erik liked the “game” of guessing how much the movie made (once)
  • I didn’t even look at my phone until we were two hours in

The Items that Need to be Polished

  • While you explained that some of the cops were authors, Dave thought the inclusion of content that leaned toward “Film school” was the weakest content. If you cut ut out the show would be amazing
  • Use their names more often so we can keep track. The one person had a very identifiable accent, but the others didn’t
  • Be aware you are exporting at a very high bit rate that is slower to download, takes up more room on your audience’s devices and doesn’t really deliver much better quality than 128 kbps.
  • As the movie was old, Erik would’ve been a bit more description of what was happening in the scene.

The Website

  • Whatcopswatch.com is a wall of text, no play buttons or subscribe buttons when you go to whatcopswatch.com
  • The site has improved since the last review
  • You do a good job of including every single thing in the show notes.
  • The black background can cause eye-strain after a while

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Here is their description in Apple Podcasts: “Hollywood continues to tell tales on the Silver and smaller HD screens. What do they get “right” and – what could they use a panel of experts on when it comes to process and law enforcement? Go Behind the Badge and get educated with the real-life law-enforcement industry hosts, guests and entertainment experts of WhatCopsWatch.Com to understand more about what you see in Hollywood.”

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Curious Goods

Today we look at Curious Goods a show that takes a deep dive in the Friday the 13th television series and looks at the storytelling aspects and other areas that made this a great show. Audio Player at the bottom of the page

The Stuff We Liked

  • We enjoyed the sarcasm and entertainment as you did the re-enactment of the episode
  • The ads were well done and to the point
  • The show is a very unique mix of story writing clinic and very old television series
  • Nice production
  • The female voiceover at the start of the show
  • Nice job of mentioning other shows and cross-promotion without being too spammy.
  • Good call to action “What was your curious good from this episode?”
  • Stopping the music let the audience know we’ve moved to a new section

The Items that Need to be Polished

  • Dave found the intro confusing. Erik would’ve liked a bit of a table of contents.
  • Explain what a curious good is sooner (you did a great job at the 35-minute mark)
  • Try to talk to one person and avoid group speak
  • Dave felt the background music got too loud at times
  • Identify yourselves sooner (but no need to say “I’m your host)
  • Add some credentials – why am I listening to you?
  • You guys agree on everything. Maybe find some different points of view.
  • The commercials break was very long. Possibly break these up into smaller chunks
  • Didn’t get to the content until 7 minutes in and Dave thought this was too long
  • The easter egg at the end didn’t deliver much value and the space between the end of the show and the easter egg is VERY long.

The Website

  • The site is cluttered and hard to navigate
  • Needs a style guide
  • iTunes link goes to the wrong show (and your subscribe buttons are lost in the clutter)
  • The Curious Goods show is missing on your show page.
  • The tag cloud ads no value to the visitor. See if you can move it down the page.
  • There is a lot of material for your business. There is more than enough advertising on each page.
  • Convocation is a very fancy word.
  • The logos have a nice theme that is followed in each logo.

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Wake Up Eager Workforce

Wake Up Eager Workforce Description:

Helping senior leaders build and sustain an energetic, committed and drama-free workforce, including tools and resources for hiring and promoting the right people. Information to reduce turnover and improve productivity. You’ll learn everything you need to know about building a high performing and successful Wake Up Eager Workforce: Insightful insider tips and best practices;
Revealing employee selection and development expert resources; Helpful guidance and action steps for building energy, commitment and communication in organizations; Ongoing motivation, encouragement and support for all of your hiring and development efforts.

Website: https://www.pricelessprofessional.com/wakeupeagerworkforce.html

What we liked about the podcast

You have a great website, with phenomenal show notes.

There was often good content, but it needed to be shortened

It’s nice that your transcript is separate from your show notes

What Could Be Improved

There was an issues with “popping P’s” that can be fixed with better microphone placement

Your little wrap-up up points were not little. These could be improved by shortening them. These are summaries (bullet points)

The “fun” questions were entertaining, but putting them at the very beginning may not be a good first impression

Be listening for places where a guest can tell stories

The recap led into a show close that felt like it lasted forever. 

You have too many calls to action

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Investing With The Buyside


Corporate access and investing insights for the value investor. Investing with the Buyside is a podcast that was founded on the idea that all investors should have the opportunity to hear management teams from public companies talk about their companies, industry outlook, capital allocation philosophy, and their perspective on the valuation of their company stock. The goal of the IwtB Podcast is to provide one management interview per week and our hope is that we can help investors achieve superior investment returns by highlighting interesting investment opportunities.

What Was Working

I like the intro, and it gives me the “Why” and how this show is a benefit. Solid open – give the average investor the inside info the pro has.

Smart to put the disclaimer after the open. Get me in first.

There was a strong education slant on the opening. Normally I would get bored, but as you kept explaining why it kept me engaged. I liked the “don’t worry about the acronyms”

Except for the opening question I thought the questions were good. They are questions a shareholder would want to ask. I almost think shareholder should be in the name of the podcast I’m not sure IWTB works for me.

Good job of balancing information without getting into legal issues

What Needed Work

It did take a while to get to the interview

“I’ll leave it at that” is not a good sales pitch.

“If you listened to the episode with NRG’s Kirk Andrews …” Give me the episode #

Reading is very “newsy”. Add some dynamics to your inflection. Paint the picture.

Interview finally starts at 10:20.

“Tell me about your background” We just spent 10 minutes in set up. Couldn’t we find a stronger question to start?

To sound less like an infomercial for this stock, give me more hard hitting questions

Need singular call-to-action. Not sure donations from investing people will create a windfall.

Summarize it at the end. What can I do with this info as an investor? What should I think about?

The Website Needs Lots of Work

Menus go away when you shrink the page

Dark text on a dark background

Not sure what you do – how do you make money?

Pop up pops constantly

No show notes. You are seriously missing out on Google Juice, and there is no way to share your show.

Your background image loads in chunks. This means you need to optimize it for the web. Web browsers only notice things up to 90 dpi and you can compress these files to load faster.

Your patreon page has no rewards. This is very Jennifer Briney of Congressional Dish, but Jen has been podcasting for years.

Sponsors: If you are looking for sponsors, save your time and make a media kit. Fill it with demographic data, download data, and get stats about podcasting from Edison Research. This is the information any sponsor is going to ask for.

Link to spotify should be to your show, not so they can search.

Investing With the Buyside


Apple, Android

Watch video of review at https://youtu.be/E5CF3xy-L6M



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The Rogue Ones

Today we are joined by Leslie Eiler Thompson who is the host of The Rogue Ones podcast.


Conversations with extraordinary individuals on their own unique “rogue” journeys. We explore the experiences and opportunities afforded these rogues as they share successes and failures they’ve encountered along the way. We then, in turn, learn ways to adopt this rogue attitude for ourselves. These are the rogue ones, and these are their stories.

What Is Working

One of the best intros ever. Leslie is awesome at talking to one person and sounding sincerely friendly. You can hear your smile

I love the definition of what makes something rogue, and what the show is about, “We explore extraordinary people doing fascinating things. And we learn from them so we may adopt the same attitudes to develop a rogue lifestyle.”

You did a great job of incorporating the listening into the conversation as if they were sitting at the table with you.

Great website, great about page, and nice use of the logo/glasses

Nice tease at the end of the show for future episodes

What Needs Some Work

There were sometimes when you had some great opportunities for stories, and you didn’t follow up with a question (Billy Joel, “I learned a lot of lessons…”). “I spent a lot of time asking for forgiveness rather than asking for permission.” Give me an example. “Tell me about the time you really pushed the limit or broke the rules to get a result.”

With such great content, I would’ve left off the travel down memory lane about a pseudonym.

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Website: http://rogueonespodcast.com

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Route 66 Podcast

The description of the Route 66 Podcast is “talks with people living and working along the Mother Road.” You can find it at http://www.route66podcast.com/

The episode we reviewed is http://www.route66podcast.com/18-mojave-desert-route-66/

What We Thought Was Done Well

  • The opening with Dennis’ voice was unique. The phone quality added to the nostalgia of the episode.
  • Nice rustic opening music
  • Nice plug of the earlier episode
  • You do a good job of asking the questions and letting the guest talk
  • Nice tease with the trivia answer to keep people listening

What We Might Tweak

  • Dave thought taking 11 minutes to get to the interview was a bit too long, but Erik thought it was OK but would change the “Now let’s start the show” to something different as you had been doing the show for 11 minutes.
  • There are times when you read that you need to add a bit of voice inflection and make some effort (either via pauses, or music) to make smoother transitions.
  • Your website has not title tag which is a vital ingredient to SEO and being found
  • Three calls to action at the end of the show. try to narrow that down to one.
  • The yellow highlighter color is a bit much to look at for long periods.
  • As your audience may be older, you might want to add a page with instructions on how to subscribe to the show
  • You have a great resource page, but didn’t mention it much on the podcast.  You can drive traffic by saying, “we have a video of this at the website route66podcast.com”

Video Review of the Route 66 Podcast Page

Check out the Route 66 Podcast


Apple Podcastshttps://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/route-66-podcast/id1136548932?mt=2



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If you are looking for some feedback from people with over 40 combined years of experience (and they aren’t named Mom) you can get your show reviewed by going to www.podcastrevewshow.com/reviewme

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Amidlife Traveler

A Midlife Traveler


Travel vacation destinations come to life in your ears through the Amidlife Travler podcast. Discover countries, culture, history, tours, sightseeing advice and travel tips through the voices, humor and opinions of locals who live there or travelers who have been there… like hearing about Scotland from a Scotsman and Ireland from the Irish. Indulge your travel curiosities and find ideas for your next vacation. Helpful information for world travelers and those who want to travel. Season 1 explores Scotland through the voice, opinions and stories of a Scotsman named James. Topics include Scottish Culture, History, Whiskey, the Kilt, Brexit, Vikings, Highland Games and other fun stories..



What we loved about the show:

Laura has a great voice and you can hear her passion. I did like that you were talking to me. You seemed relaxed. You were talking to one person. It was Nonscripted and loose.

Your website is a phenomenal resource.

It’s great that you are interviewing the local people and getting that information you can’t get anyplace else.

What Can Be Tweaked

The laundry list of people that we’ll hear from at the beginning was hard to follow.

Figure out what you want your audience to take away from the episode and move that to the front.

You had said, “Famous for their moonlight kayak – sunset, near the woods, luminescence in the water, starlight serenade, violin and Irish songs.” Those are the details we were wanted. There is a tremendous opportunity to create a theater of the mind, and when someone did start to explain the lights on the water they were interrupted.

You brought friends on to help explain their experience, and they said:

  • Amazing
  • Awesome
  • Cool Experience
  • Fun and Super Cool
  • amazing and beautiful
  • Awesome, I love it
  • Great Day
  • Fantastic
  • Great fun

but you never dug in deeper as to why it was cool or great, etc.

You seemed to be explaining how qualified the guides were to the point where I started to wonder if you were getting paid. You had already stated that you would be going back, so for me, that is enough to know the guides were good. I’d rather hear more about the experience than the guide.

You have a GREAT website, and we would get people excited about the destination, and then direct them to the website.

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In today’s episode, you don’t hear the extra questions and a private lesson on Hindenburg Journalist that Laura received.

If you’d like to be on the show CLICK HERE

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Agless Hockey

Ageless Hockey has a description of ” This is a podcast for hockey players over 50 years old.” The website is agelesshockey.com

Things We Liked in This Episode

Ageless HockeyThere was some wise advice about not coming back from an injury early and how to NOT get your gear stolen

He did a great job talking to a single person. There was no group speak.

Shared some vulnerability which builds intimacy with his audience.

The audio sounded fine

The website is simple and easy to navigate.

Great “Start Here” option on the website

Great tease to get people to your website.

Things He Might Want to Teak

The transitions were very rough. You might want to see if the stories you are covering and be lined up in a way that makes it easier to transition from one to the other. Use your voice to signal you’re changing topics. If nothing else, pause for a half a second.

The “something about me” section at the end didn’t really tie into anything.

Erik would like to see you “turn up” the grumpy old man character a bit more.

Be sure to turn the focus around and ask your self, “Whats in it for the listener?”

Your call to action needs to be refined down to ONE.

Ageless Hockey


Subscription Page

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Copeland Coaching Podcast


The Copeland Coaching Podcast is made for job seekers who want to jump-start their job search. Each week we dive into career topics from interviewing to personal branding to applying and negotiating. If you want to switch industries, change careers, or make more money, this is the podcast for you!



What We Thought Was Great

Intro: “Turn job search into a slam dunk”. Great, short intro that told me everything

You did a good job of connecting the interview into this theme.

Your website the clean look. The homepage is very focused. It shows a lot of credibilities.

The second half of the interview had great questions that would be immediately beneficial to your audience.

What Could Use a Little Effort

Part of the audio had a fair amount of static

There were no links to his books in your show notes

There was some low hanging fruit (The guest said, “That’s a good question, and stammered at times) that Dave would’ve edited out.

Work some more stories into the conversation and drop hints into what services you offer

Your audio is being exported at 320 kbps stereo which is overkill

Avoid talking about things that happened before the recording

Avoid any group speak “Hey everyone.” talk to a single listener

Your courses button takes you away from your main page, and has no way to get back to the main site.

Try to limit your calls to action to one at the end of the show.

Listen to the Copeland Coaching Show


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